Disclosed wells

The map below shows natural gas from shale (NGS) wells which have been hydraulically fractured (also known as fracked) in the EEA since 1st January 2011 by operators participating in NGS Facts. You can click on the well placemarks on the map below or click on the 'Wells by list' link on the left to access well disclosure sheets by country.

There is a single well disclosure sheet for each well that shows location, permitting information and substances used in the hydraulic fracturing (also known as fracking) process for that well.

This is a voluntary disclosure service. If you are seeking more information about the well please contact the operator shown on the disclosure sheet.

Note: Due to limitations in mapping technology the location of the well may not be displayed accurately by Google Maps.

All well data have been submitted by the relevant well operator and whilst IOGP has taken care to publish these accurately on the website neither IOGP nor the well operator shall be liable for any use of or reliance on such data by any third party or member of the public.